Vets Against Insanity: The Vet Tech Expansion Pack 2022 Edition


The all new 2022 edition of the Vets Against Insanity Vet Tech Expansion Pack is HERE!

We needed to print more of our original Vet Tech expansion pack...but then we were like much has changed.

Not in the way that vet techs are still awesome (they are, duh), but like in the way our lives are a whole new clusterf@!@#! every. damn. day. And yet here the techs are, rockin' it like the living legends they are. You deserve some new cards, among a million gold stars, a huge raise, and a lifetime of respect from everyone on the veterinary team. 

Because we can't give you ALL of that over the interwebs, we instead offer this sweet sexy expansion pack, full of BRAND NEW question and answer cards. 

Who should play:

• Veterinary technicians (can be in be various states of frustrated, happy, slightly drunk/completely sober, tired, overworked)

• Veterinarians who know that vet techs save their ass EVERY. DAMN. DAY. 

• Anyone who hates the phrases "pug nail trim" or "curbside" 

Warning: You can play with the regular folks in your life, but....let's be real they just don't get it. 

Can you play it on its own? Sure can. The fun won't last as long as a traditional game. It's shortlived, like that feeling you get when you first see a bull dog puppy...but then hear it breathe.

Do you need the original expansion pack or the original game? Nope. But they go together like Dexmedetomidine, ketamine and butorphanol.  Get it? A little "magic" if you will.

24 question cards, 96 answer cards-- plenty for a quick standalone game or a great addition to playing with the original game or other expansion packs!


**International customers may have to pay additional duty fees not included in order, will vary depending upon country.