Vets Against Insanity: Main Game (updated 2023!) PREORDER


 NOTE: We sold out of our 2022 game faster than anticipated, so we are creating something entirely new (but still slightly scandalous) for you. This order is a pre-order of the newest iteration of Vets Against Insanity! Games are currently in production with an estimated shipping by second week of February (just waiting on boxes to arrive). 

Practicing veterinary medicine is rewarding, important and often all-consuming. It can also be awkward, annoying and (on most days) downright disgusting. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh about it. Enter Vets Against Insanity: a fun, slightly scandalous take on the work and life of a veterinary professional.

While the game has been around since 2017, a lot has changed in the world, and to keep up, we have co-created a whole new absolutely massive version that is bigger, badder, housed in a sexy new box, contains all new actions cards to make the game even more scandalous, and is guaranteed to make your team laugh, groan, squirm, and flatten the curve in the best way possible.

This new game has has all new completely uncensored cards guaranteed to add hilarity and spice to your next clinic get together. In addition, we have added action cards that will have you doing the hokey-pokey, giving hugs, and playing slightly scandalous veterinary charades (all optional, but all worth points). If you have already been part of the VAI journey or even if you are a VAI virgin no matter - you will definitely want to add this new game to your collection and keep the fun flowin’. 

Who should play:

• Veterinary professionals (can be various states of frustrated, happy, slightly drunk/completely sober, tired, overworked)

• Anyone who recently had to squeeze a dog's anal glands

• Everyone who recently thought, "I'll have to laugh about this so I don't cry"


Warning: You can play with the regular folks in your life, but do you really want to deal with the blank stares you’ll get after playing "electroejaculator"? Update: apparently the game is also fun for the non-veterinary public. Who knew.

Number of cards

Answer cards: 234
Blank Answer cards (fill-in-able with your own genius): 3

Question cards: 93
Blank Question cards: 2

Action cards: 19
Blank Action cards: 2