Nurses Against Insanity


Nursing is rewarding, important, often all-consuming, and let’s face it: it’s been a rough year. You deserve a laugh. 
Enter Nurses Against Insanity, a fun, slightly scandalous take on the work and life of a nursing professional. This game has over 300 cards that we hope will make you and your nursing colleagues laugh hard enough to pee (unless you've been up on your Kegels). We’ve also included some blanks so you can add your own twisted genius to the game.

Who should play:

• Nursing professionals (can be in be various states of frustrated, happy, slightly drunk/completely sober, tired, probably overworked)

• Anyone who recently had to clean under a funky pannus

• Everyone who recently thought, "I'll have to laugh about this so I don't cry"

Warning: You can play with the regular folks in your life, but....let's be real. Do you want to deal with the blank stares after you play ‘a cockroach burrowing into the chest wall?’. No. I didn’t think so.

**International customers may have to pay additional duty fees not included in order, will vary depending upon country.